Organizing a boy diaper bag

I have always heard that the hardest thing to do when it comes to having a child is keeping organized. I learned the hard way that my diaper bag situation was a mess. Everything was just tossed into the larger pocket and I just dug around for what I needed. This caused me to lose items such as my cell phone, keys, and my wallet once or twice. I talked to a friend of mine who is a complete organizing freak and she gave me a few tips and I have found a few of my own for organizing the diaper bag if you have more than one child. These tips work for single children too.

Boy Diaper Bags

If you’re looking for diaper bags for boys you’ve come to the right spot.  We can help you find a baby boy diaper bag to suit your needs.

1.Diaper bags need to have pockets!

I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag and I love it. Plenty of pockets. Use the pockets, which I will cover more below.

2.Have a pocket system down that you don’t change.

This is what catches our mommy eye whenever you decide to start shopping for a diaper bag. Pockets. The more pockets, the better it is. That is great until you become like me and don’t remember what pocket you stuck your little one’s pacifier in and you spend well over 5 minutes searching for it through every single pocket in your diaper bag. Soon, you become the manic mom who just throws everything into the bottom of the bag. I then seen awesome diaper bag organizers that you just sit into the bag and it separates everything that you need.

3.Purchase things that don’t leave the bag.

Before I left the house, I just transferred what I needed from the house into the diaper bag. This was a pretty bad method because I would grab the bag and then just shove a few diapers in it and then leave. I would hardly remember diaper cream, lotions, or even the hand sanitizer. Or I would remember to put them into the bag and leave it at the front door. Now, I have a smarter way to go. I bought travel sized baby items that don’t leave the diaper bag. So, that means that there will be no more forgetting for me.


I thought I have always been efficient, but let me tell you, I have found teething crackers, half-opened cracker bags and even old banana peels in random pockets, months after they were put there. For my kids, I just always threw in some snacks and off we went. The problem with that is that either I didn’t have enough and no one wanted to share, or I lost them in the bottomless bag. My friend recommended getting pencil pouches and attaching a metal ring to them and then putting the kids’ names on the pouch. I got some puff paint and decorated the pouch and now when I go out, there is enough for both of them and I don’t have to worry about losing the pouches.

This is what works for me. I know that everyone is different, but I found that this makes outings a lot easier and not as chaotic when I am needing someone’s bottle or pacifier.

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