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It is likely that you have seen the My Pillow commercials, or maybe you have found the product in a store at the local mall. Perhaps you’ve heard about the My Pillow from friends, but you’re wondering if the My Pillow is going to be worth buying or not. Of course, this is only natural as there are many mixed reviews online. In this article I am going to break down the My Pillow for you and let you decide for yourself if it is the right option for you, and if it’s worth investing in. Let’s get to it shall we?  That’s why you should read many My Pillow Reviews.  The best I found is at –  I think you’ll find it’s the most comprehensive My Pillow review available.

When it comes to finding the best pillow for you, once you find one that works you should stick with that pillow! You might be surprised how many pillows I have used prior to finding the My Pillow works best for me. There are many people who swear by My Pillow. There are many reasons why this is the case.

Some Benefits

My Pillow has become the National Sleep Foundation’s official pillow of use, which means that it must be a good pillow for a bunch of people, right? It also has a patented interlocking fill which will adjust to our individual requirements. It has four various loft levels, and provides a 10-year warranty that says it remains cool and never goes flat.

Their 60-day money back guarantee also makes it easier to try out without risking your investment if it turns out not to be the pillow for you. You are going to find that it also has a custom fit size that will fit your sleeping position and size, for those who sleep on their sides, back and stomach. These type of sleepers are likely to find this a great pillow.


When I purchased the My Pillow off Amazon, I enjoyed knowing that I could easily checkout and return the product if needed. I went with Amazon as I knew I wouldn’t have to experience the hassle of trying to return through the company in case I did not care for the pillow. Also, buying it with Amazon I was able to save a little as the price was less than compared to their website. The Queen Size My Pillow Classic was $49.95 on Amazon, while direct through their website would have cost me $99.97. But, the website does offer a promo code for those who notice it which brings the price down to $49.99, but they still charge $10 shipping.

My Pillow Review

As the My Pillow was delivered by Amazon, it came in the standard Amazon branded box, wrapped up in plastic. My initial thoughts were how light the My Pillow is, as I was expecting it to be heavier. It is one of the lighter pillows I have used, which caused me to wonder if it was going to satisfy my expectations.

The instructions that came with it suggested me to place it in my dryer on a cool setting for 15 minutes before using. I did this, and it fluffed up and the original odor went away too (I added in a dryer sheet as well). Once I slept on it a few nights, and took a couple naps with it I started to find out it was actually a nice pillow. Because I find myself moving my pillow around through the night, I have come to find lighter pillows is a nice advantage.  You must be asking yourself, does the My Pillow work?  That’s exactly why I’ve reviewed the My Pillow.

The Types

The premium My Pillow also comes in various firmness levels. Although, I’ve heard from others that the size chart is not fully accurate. The reason for this is due to the sizing charge basing the color from the shirt size you wear. I find the following to be a better rule of thumb:

  • Blue Level: Side Sleepers (Extra Firm)
  • Green Level: Side Sleepers (Firm)
  • White Level: Back Sleepers (Medium)
  • Yellow Level: Stomach Sleepers (Least Firm)


The Design

The My Pillow is filled to be supportive, but is not overstuffed which can lead to issues with moving it. If you often find your neck is stiff and sore when you get up, the My Pillow may be what you need as it offers neck support while you sleep. It’s also great when it comes to regulating temperatures because of its design.  Another link you’ll find useful is


One downside is the filling amount inside cannot be adjusted. If a zipper was provided where you were able to remove some of the foam if you find it’s too firm, it would be helpful. Although, if you find the firmness isn’t for you, you can return it hassle free and go with a pillow that is thicker or thinner.  Try,,20479110,00.html for further information.

For those who sleep on their stomach, like myself, I find the My Pillow to be very beneficial. Especially those that enjoy having a thinner pillow that offers neck support while being easily moved. Because people are often picky over the pillow they use, it’s hard to say which pillow would be better for you, but it’s easy to state that the My Pillow will offer a very unique feeling which I’ve never came across in the past. My head sinks in comfortably, and does not feel like I am being swallowed or laying on a rock.


If you are considering buying a new pillow, and you are on the fence about trying out the My Pillow because of mixed reviews, I would recommend giving it a try. If you purchase it with the correct expectations in mind, I believe you will be find the results to be pleasing. Although, I would recommend buying it from Amazon for the simple fact if it is not the pillow you expected, or you are not satisfied with the firmness level you choose, you can easily return it without any hassle and either get your money back or try a different firmness. Besides, the discount code their website provides will simply bring the price down to what Amazon is charging (give or take a few cents).  Another link of interest –

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