About Tuft and Needle

Have you ever been inside of a store and trying to pick out just the right shampoo or perhaps a different type of cereal? Well mattress shopping is almost the same but instead you are in a room full of mattresses and trying to find out which one would be best for you.

JT Marino in 2011, ran into this major issue. Since he was an engineer, he was being analytical about his purchase and dissecting the whole process before he ever went to a mattress store. Things certainly didn’t go to well.

He stated that he did research online and that is when the real challenge began. Everything was a spin on marketing or just a lie. He certainly did not feel confident in what was being researched.

Whenever JT visited a mattress store, things just got worse. He noticed that commissioned salespeople were putting up smokescreens. The whole idea was to learn about the brand and then compare the models and features. What he found was that there were some of the same mattresses that were just rebranded and small changes happened to be made in order to make them different. Some even seemed to be exactly the same and worth twice as much more.

In the end, JT spent well over $3,000 on a luxury mattress. After a few weeks, he was ready to send it back, but the shipping cost was more than what he would have expected. He basically was stuck with a mattress that he didn’t enjoy at all.

Eventually, Daehee Park would be joining JT and they had already been discussing about starting a business together, but no one knew that it would be in the mattress business. They started by writing down everything that they hated about mattress shopping. Then they learned the inner workings of a mattress, and began to call suppliers to get information about how much it cost to make a mattress. What they would find out is that the $3,000 mattress that JT bought only took around $300 to make and that was including the materials and the labor.

Since they had the knowledge, in 2012 they quit their jobs and created Tuft & Needle, with only a $6,000 investment and renting a workspace in Arizona. They now sell two different styles of mattresses, a 5 inch and a 10 inch mattress, that range from twin to California king. They range in price from $200 to $600 and since they use a vacuum sealer, they can compress the mattresses, which reduces the cost of shipping and allows them to sell luxury foam mattresses.

They are hoping that within the next year that they can release some new sleep items while adding in a new type of shipping method. They have a main goal of not actually going head to head with the name brands.

They aren’t looking for competition. They know that the Tuft & Needle is so unique and different that it just stands out. Daehee and JT are wanting to build a company that consumers will love and just build loyalty. If they can do that, then they just might be a global success.

Where to buy

You can buy directly from https://www.tuftandneedle.com/ but before you do check if there are any relevant coupons online.  Check http://www.sleepbetteramerica.net/tuft-needle-coupons for Tuft & Needle Coupons or just google it.

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